Community-Focused, Action-Oriented

People are rightly skeptical of elected officials because they have seen many smooth-sounding candidates that merely look out for their own interests, or don’t accomplish much in office. Suzanne Volpe has consistently focused on giving Algonkian a Voice to address the long-neglected needs of our community.

More for your tax dollars

Suzanne has dedicated herself to to improving service and responsiveness to residents’ needs:

  • Initiated Long-Term Maintenance Solution with Loudoun Water for the Broad Run Farms Grinder Pump  Systems
  • Initiated the Installation of the Paddock Evacuator System at Claude Moore Recreation Center to Improve Swim Experience
  • Supported the Installation of Lighting for the Hencken Soccer Fields to improve utilization of soccer fields
  • Initiated Board Action to Replace Existing Hencken Baseball Diamond Lighting to Decrease Operational Costs & Impact on Adjacent
  • Assisted in Development of Plan to Increase Parking at Bles Park for Youth Sports
  • Supported Several Design Charettes to Involve Community in local issues, such as the Countryside Silo

Controlling taxes and the budget

Suzanne has led efforts to increase efficiency and reduce waste and bureaucracy and while keeping taxes low:

  • Strengthened County Employee Whistleblower Protections
  • Supported the Formation of the Government Reform Commission & Supported Implementation of Multiple Recommendations to Improve Government Efficiency
  • Coordinating Multiple Community Meetings for Neighborhood-Specific Issues with County & State Level Staff Available to the Residents

World-class economic development to spur growth and jobs

Suzanne has worked to make Loudoun County more business-friendly and attract new investment and jobs while broadening the tax base:

  • Worked in general to raise expectations of an underperforming economic development effort, which is losing competition for major employers to neighboring jurisdictions while tearing down barriers to locating and doing business here
  • Pushed to improve marketing to better publicize and leverage Loudoun County advantages including great schools, an educated population and Dulles Airport
  • Initiated the Business Friendly Zoning Ordinance Amendments
  • Developed the Business Assistance Team to Aid New and Expanding Businesses.
  • Initiated the Facilities Standards Manual Update to create a clear and concise set of regulations for easier navigation and affordability for businesses.

Taking education to the next level

Suzanne has acted to build on the successes of our outstanding school system while serving the needs of parents and students in the Algonkian District:

  • Supported Full Funding of LCPS Capital Improvement Program (for Construction of New Schools)
  • Facilitated the Partnership of the Falcons Landing Retirement Community with Sugarland ES
  • Initiated Emergency Maintenance on Pedestrian Tunnel at Sugarland ES
  • Initiated Design & Funding of ADA-Compliant Curb Ramps & Crosswalks for Meadowland ES
  • Held Joint Community Meetings with Algonkian School Board Member

A state-of-the-art public safety system

Suzanne has pursued initiatives to modernize the public-safety and public-health systems and address concerns about the growth in crime:

  • Participated in Community Meetings to Aid in Arrest and Conviction of Drug Dealers
  • Supported Development of 10-Point Plan for Lyme Disease
  • Initiated the Expansion of the County’s Controlled Hunts to Alleviate the Number of Car Accidents & Incidents of New Lyme Disease Cases
  • Initiated Speed Studies on Multiple Streets with High Traffic Accident and/or Speeding Reports
  • Initiated Board Action to Install New Emergency Access Gates in Multiple Locations to Improve Access & Response Times
  • Facilitated COG Street Smart Campaign Program to Increase Pedestrian/Bicycle Awareness
  • Supported the Procurement of a New Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) System, which aides Fire & Rescue/Sheriff’s Office in Responses as well as Documentation

Smarter Transportation Solutions

Suzanne has made it a priority to address the growing traffic challenges facing Loudoun and the Algonkian District:

  • Supported Eastern Loudoun County Missing Link Study, which Determined Location of and/or Status of Funding for Missing Links
  • Supported the Board Initiative to Dedicate Two Cents of the Tax Rate to Transportation Projects
  • Supported Adding Over $700 Million to the Six-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for Transportation Infrastructure
  • Initiated Warrant Study & Installation of Four-Way Stop Sign at Intersection of Sugarland Run Drive & Cottage Road
  • Initiated the Repaving of Sugarland Run Drive
  • Initiated the Repaving of Algonkian Parkway (Eastern Portion)
  • Initiated the Repaving of Algonkian Parkway (Western Portion) – awaiting funding approval from VDOT
  • Initiated Emergency Plan/Funding for Traffic Safety Improvements at Intersection of Loudoun County Parkway & George Washington Boulevard to improve traffic flow and safety
  • Relocated the Southbound Palisades Parkway Bus Stop to Ensure Pedestrian Safety
  • Initiated Repairs/Updates to Lowes Island Boulevard & Algonkian Parkway Intersection Crosswalks
  • Completed Missing Pedestrian Link Along Palisades Parkway Between Cascades Parkway & Triple 7 Road
  • Utilized Proffers to Install Trail & Bus Stop Along Potomac View Road
  • Facilitated VDOT Repairs to Multiple Sidewalk Sections to ensure residents’ safety