I wanted to post a note to make sure you knew that the location for my annual Beach Bash has changed. Unfortunately, the Cascades Stonehouse is now unavailable due to necessary repairs from a damaged water pipe.

Thankfully, Chris and Stacy Carey have graciously opened their home to us and I cannot properly express my gratitude for their willingness to help out at the last minute.

I have planned for the Beach Bash to be my last big fundraiser for the season, and I would be delighted for you to come. From what we have seen so far, this is going to be a spirited campaign and any donations are deeply appreciated.

But don’t think that you have to bring a check to attend! My Beach Bash has always been more about family fun and gettting to spend time with like-minded people than donations or politics. Your attendance is what truly matters. This will also be a family friendly event, so please bring your children!

With all my heart,


Suze - 2015 Beach Bash Invitation