Loudoun County should be the best-run county in America.  It should be the best place to live, the best place to work, the best place to do business, the best place to learn, and the best place to raise a family.  Suzanne will continue to work toward this vision by delivering more a more efficient, user-friendly Loudoun County government.

More for your tax dollars

  • Continue to focus in general on strengthening and professionalizing core government services while addressing specific service shortfalls
  • Advance the Hidden Lane Landfill to the remediation stage
  • Improve the relationship between the county government and HOAs through collaboration and cooperation to improve services for our neighborhoods
  • Continue attending HOA and many other community meetings and maintain an “open-door policy” to any resident who requests a meeting

Controlling taxes and the budget

  • Conduct a government wide management audit; implement its recommendations
  • Reverse the upward spiral of property taxes through more efficient government and building a broader business tax base
  • Restructure and simplify county operations to be less top-heavy and more consumer-friendly with fewer departments and department heads and more front-line service personnel
  • Professionalize the budget process by moving to biennial budget instead of a rushed, three-week process
  • Properly fund our rainy day fund, allowing for better planning for changes in the economic outlook
  • Adjust the tax rate to level tax collections

World-class economic development to spur growth and jobs

  • Put in place a world-class, professional investment promotion program that rivals the success of neighboring jurisdictions, with a focus on attracting businesses to Loudoun County
  • Conduct first-rate events to showcase Loudoun County to potential investors
  • Establish a “one-stop-shop” where customer service representatives can help current or new businesses navigate the county government’s regulations

Taking education to the next level

  • Continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency of the school system
  • Provide a more hands-on approach for parents and school officials, giving them more input in the education of our children
  • Improve planning and school design to end the irregular movements of kids from school to school due to poor planning, overcrowding, and underutilization of schools
  • Analyze school operations, spending, and performance in an effort to end the annual threats of teacher layoffs and punitive reductions in popular programs to extort even larger budgets

A state-of-the-art public safety system

  • Continue to upgrade systems, including completing the second phase of the updating of the antiquated Computer-Aided Dispatch system
  • Equip the Sheriff’s Office with the resources and strategy necessary to firmly and efficiently crack down on the increasing prevalence of violent crime
  • Modernize and further professionalize Fire/Safety Services, including providing the resources to its huge backlog of needed site visits and upgrading outdated facilities, while addressing the ongoing conflicts between the volunteer and paid staff
  • Develop and implement effective solutions to deal with illegal immigration and its effect on communities and schools
  • Boost community programs such as neighborhood watch to in order to reduce crime and improve our ability to make arrests

Smarter transportation solutions

  • Relieve the overstressed transportations networks by improving regional planning, finishing feeder networks, and introducing a traffic hotline
  • Introduce smart transportation innovations to keep traffic moving and to improve safety
  • Complete a review of all outstanding transportation proffers to determine methods to expedite completion of developer-proffered transportation improvements
  • Make the transportation budget a priority
  • Prioritize the long-neglected transportation needs of the Algonkian District by finally completing the road network in the University Center area and repaving existing roads