Candidates for local offices in Loudoun remain on the hunt for money that can boost their bids, judging from the most recent required campaign-finance filings.

Board of Supervisors hopefuls raised the highest totals of among those seeking county offices: an average of $7,081 during the period between April 1 to May 27, according to figures from state and local election officials.

And just like in the first reporting period for this year, which covered Jan. 1 to March 31, Supervisor Suzanne M. Volpe brought in a pile of dough.

The Algonkian District Republican collected $31,942, up from $28,576 last time. The total was the largest among supervisor candidates, and included a contribution of $17,016 from the campaign of Del. Thomas A. “Tag” Greason (R-32).

Volpe also took in lots of money from businesses and/or business owners, though her challenger, Democrat Andrew Resnick, did receive a $250 monetary contribution and a $200 in-kind contribution from Shawn Mitchell, CEO of Ashburn-based heating and air-conditioning contractor Modern Mechanical.

Resnick brought in a total of $4,010 from April 1 to May 27. He had $25,279 on hand, as of May 27, to Volpe’s $122,184.

The supervisors’ Broad Run District also has been the site of significant fundraising this year.

Broad Run Republican nominee Ron Meyer raised the most money of any supervisor candidate during the first quarter, and contributions continued to come in during the most recent period. He collected $11,841.

Meyer’s opponent, Democrat Al Nevarez, had the least money of any supervisor hopeful in the first quarter, but his campaign coffer grew in the latest period thanks to a $21,000 self loan. He raised $3,408 in contributions.

Nevarez now has $22,472 on hand to Meyer’s $23,073.

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Jonathan Hunley Leesburg Today

Deputy Editor Danielle Nadler contributed to this story.