NAME: Suzanne Volpe



FAMILY: I have been married to my husband, Glenn, for 22 years and we are blessed with our twelve-year old daughter, Faith.

PLACE OF WORSHIP: Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church



EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, Virginia Tech

OCCUPATION: Algonkian District Supervisor

SERVICE BACKGROUND: Have previously served in the following roles:

  • Loudoun County Library Board of Trustees
  • Vice President, Sterling Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
  • PTO Secretary, Our Lady of Hope Catholic School
  • Loudoun County Planning Commission
  • Loudoun County Commission on Aging
  • President & Board Member, Cascades Community Association
  • Loudoun Arts Council
  • Eastern Loudoun Traffic Coalition

POLITICAL/GOVERNMENT SERVICE HERO: My father, Joseph Volpe, would be my hero and inspiration. He served in the military and then had a career in the Department of Defense. He spent his entire career working to protect our country throughout the Cold War. His commitment to service did not stop there. Even now he continues to serve the community as a volunteer in the Lion’s Club and even served as District Governor.


WHAT IS THE PRIMARY REASON YOU ARE RUNNING FOR THIS OFFICE? I am running for re-election to continue the work we have begun. I ran in 2011 to “Give Algonkian A Voice” and that job is not done. The Sterling area had been neglected for many years and you do not correct it in one term. My efforts to focus attention and resources to our community has yielded positive results, but there is much work to still be accomplished.

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FOR LOUDOUN VOTERS IN YOUR ELECTION? An election is like a job interview. Voters will look at each of the candidates and make a decision on who is more qualified for the position. For the voters of the Algonkian District, the decision will be based on which candidate can effectively serve our community. The question becomes who can dedicate the time to the position, effectively navigate the government bureaucracy, and successfully advocate for our community. Over the past four years, my record has proven that I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be an effective voice for the Algonkian District.

CANDIDATE’S CHOICE: I encourage the voters of the Algonkian District to visit my website to learn more about my campaign and our accomplishments. I am humbly asking the voters to help “Preserve Algonkian’s Voice!”

By Dusty Smith